Minggu, 22 April 2018

Earth Day for the Ocean

In short, keep the land clean so do the ocean. Not by mitigate our trash problems in the land to the sea.

Life Within You

We have life, haven't we? We have wake up, haven't we?

Question this life, question this consciousness.

Are we a form of collective consciousness? Are we a stand alone self awareness?

Is there a life within me?

Selasa, 17 April 2018

Future You

From the bottom to the highest peak. We have our magnificent journey.

But does the future you matter in the end?

Life is boundless. Where you can find a bottom and a peak? Then are we struggled with infinite paradox?

If you confused, just ask a god, and the answer would very simple.

Senin, 16 April 2018

Finite World

"If you really see the real ocean directly, then you will see a perfect finite world, but if you see it as an infinite one, then perhaps you see the one on your delusional mind." Said Nemo - the one that yet not lost.

In human mind, everything is infinite, that's why we add one of the seven word - greed.

Minggu, 15 April 2018

Listen to the Bluebird

Life like a hanging branch with fragile flowers. Then a bluebird comes and sings, about the wind, the land, the clouds, and the you. Everything was beautiful till the last stanzas.

Then you know what is mean to listen to the bluebird.

Kamis, 05 April 2018

False Security

Life just like that, you close the door, but let forget that the wall was long gone.

Rabu, 04 April 2018

Just Reverse It

If you fell the world too painful, just reverse it.

I often laughed at myself, well, since the world always has it own colors.

Countless people sing "to make a better world", and countless people move to reverse the world we know today. The dance of countless wills, the movement of countless utopians.

The key is, people won't try to reverse this life if they feel this life as a blessing.

Selasa, 03 April 2018

Start from the Self

Life is a journey, but where we would start? Well, I would say start from the the closest one.

Jumat, 30 Maret 2018


There is a very good gentleman who always speak in this time of year, that he - again - would likely make a visit for he is too excited, for he has falling in love with time of the year.

No matter what your problems right now, perhaps you were sad, or perhaps your are happy, just let me say "Happy Easter".

Bless us all.

Rabu, 28 Maret 2018

Nobody Perfect

It's a easy phrase, nobody perfect, but far from our reach.

Imperfections are gifts in our life. Having imperfections are the signs that we're a gifted and blessed beings.

The question is, can we really see it?

The beauty within our imperfections, so we may stop wasting our time in sadness, mournfulness, or even depression?

It might become a very long journey, it might become an instant enlightenment, but it doesn't matter, as long as we are cured from our ignorance.

Accept ourselves, both the good and the bad, the black and the white, the high and the low, the day and the night, all those brightest and darkness moments of our life, our dreams, and our nightmares.

Who say people can't enjoy the sweet milk or the bitter coffee as a same existence; or those who can cry in broken heart for his biggest success and laughing happily at his worst failure.

This life is a dance, dance that not perform a single color, dance which not happens in a single season, dance whose dancer move freely. It doesn't matter whether the dance is a form of beauty or not, since beauty is relative. But it is matter whether you realize you are dancing fully or not, whether you dance in joy or not, whether you fall in love with your dance or not.

When you dance fully, fill it with joy, and love it with all your heart, tell me whether imperfections then become matter?

Sabtu, 24 Maret 2018

We are what we returned

People may said that we are what we think, and what we think is reflected within our act and behavior. We can make a denial to our self mirror deep within our consciousness.

But yes, when we return to reality, we are just what we returned to.